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a beam on non-linear base; wavelet expansions; Adomian polynomials; Fourier transformation; moving load, abrasive grain, abrasive slurry water jet, abrasive tool, abrasive tools, abrasive water jet, abrasive wheel, acceleration of vibrations, acoustic field, acoustic pressure, acoustic signal, action, adaptive surface model, advanced oxidation methods, agricultural raw material, air conditioning, air-conditioning, Al2O3, Amylolitic enzyme, analysis, analysis of particle size, AOX, artificial intelligence, ascorbic acid, ASP, automatic control system, automation, autothermal extruder, autothermal extrusion, bag-container, biofuel, biogas, biological material, biotechnology, bitmap image, blade geometry, boilers, breaking up abrasive grains, broadband Internet, building structures, burning, butadiene polymer, butadiene-styrene polymer, campus services, case, casing, ceramic binder, ceramic grinding tools, ceramic materials, change management, chassis, checking, chemical composition analysis, city, cleaning surfaces, cleaning technical surfaces, clearance measurement, clearing pipelines and construction building structures, coagulation, color indicator, combustion engine, combustion gas composition, composites, composting, compression, computer aided design, computer control, computer network, computer networks, computer science, computer system, conductive butadiene polymer, conductive polymer, construction, construction materials, consumption, control, conversion, cooling, cover of building structure, crystallinity degree, cutting, cutting blade, cutting materials, CV joint, cylindrical inner surface, cylindrical surface, deep wells, defrosting products, degree of degradation, designing circuits, diagnostics, digital image of machined surface, digital optics, dimensional shaping of objects, disc area, disc extruder, disintegration of materials, dislocation, distance, distillation, distributed measurement systems, distributed systems, driving gear, dry batter, drying, durability, dynamic characteristics, eduroam wireless network, effluent polishing, electrical double layer, electro-chemical cell, electrochemistry, electronic element, electrotechnics, energy conservation, energy efficiency, energy from waste, engine, engine flexibility, engineering and industrial surveying, environmental engineering, examination of water, expertise, extruder, extruder of plastics, extrusion, extrusion process, failure frequency, fast-hooting camera, fiber reinforcement, fish, fluid tank, foil abrasive tapes, food, food product, food technology, force, forming, forming water-abrasive micro-jet, frequency analysis, front suspension, fuel combustion, fuel economy, functional properties, genetic algorithms, global test bed, grain moisture content, grinding, grinding grains, grinding of polymer plastics, grinding wheel, hardness in Shore A and D scales, heads for micr-smoothing, heat exchangers, heat pumps, heavy metals, heterogeneous catalyst, high pressure hydraulic pump, high pressure water jet, high pressure water-abrasive jest, high pressure water-ice jet, high-pressure abrasive water jet, high-pressure hybrid water jet, high-pressure water jet, high-pressure water jet treatment, high-pressure water jet treatment of surfaces, homogenization, human resources management, hydraulic system, hydro-classification, hydro-jet technologies, hydrodynamic strokes in pipelines, hydrogen, ice particles, impact energy, impact resistance, impact tension, implementation, information (IT) systems, Information Society, internal combustion engine, internal combustion engines, internal cylindrical surfaces, internal-combustion engine, J2EE, JME, JSE, kinetic energy, L2 Transit, lawn-mower and grass-trimmer, level of acoustic pressure, leveler, machines and power industry equipment, macro geometry, macro-organisms, macromolecule, management of organizational capabilities, mass melt flow index, material strength research, measurement, measurements, measurements for diagnostic purposes, measurements of displacements and deformations, meat, mechanical attributes, methane fermenting, methods of management, micro geometry, micro-cutting, micro-machining, micro-organisms, micro-smoothing, microcontrollers, microfinishing, microprocessor system, microscopic plate, microstructure of surfaces, milling, mine, mineral composite, mini power engineering, modeling, modern concepts, modified zeolite, monitoring, motor vehicle, motor vehicles, motorization, MSK Kosman, multilayer package materials, municipal waste, nanoparticle, natural modified zeolite, natural zeolite, natural zeolites, negative stress, NET, new coolant agents, numerical simulation of abrasive water jet processing, object, observation and registration of images, once-through grinding, operation, operation tests, optical metrology, optical microscope, optical networks, optimization, optimization of high-pressure abrasive water jet, organic fraction, oxidation, package materials, packages, packaging, packing in modified atmosphere and in vacuum, PAH, parallel architectures, PCB, PCBN tools, phase composition, photo-Fenton, physicochemical examinations, physio-chemical examinations, PIONIER network services, pipelines, PLC, plummet, poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s), polyaniline, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), polymer chains, polymer materials, polymer mixture, polymer plastic, polymer plastics, polyphenol bio-membrane, precision cutting, preparation, pressure water jet, primary plastic, pro-ecological technologies, processes, processing, processing of macromolecural plastics, processing of plastics, programming, project management, propagation of hydrodynamic perturbations along pipelines, public transport, PVD methods, quality management, quality of surface, rectifying, recyclates, recycling, reducing costs, refrigerating engineering, refrigeration, regeneration of abrasive grain, regeneration of abrasive material, registering and monitoring, registration of fast changing images, rehabilitation device, relief, removal of phenol, renewable energy sources, reprogrammable circuits, research/study, research/testing, scanning electron microscope, scientific HD interactive television, screw extruder, sealing, seats, sedimentation, segregation of solid waste, sensor technology, sewage, sewage sludge, sewage treatment, shock absorbers, single screw extrusion, sludge management, software, solid electrolyte, sorption, space acoustics, spatial objects shaping with water jet, sprinkler, stability, statics, steel, steel structure, steel structures, steering with the application of luminance, storage, strength, strength measurements in vacuum and at different temperatures, strength micro machine, strength of materials, strength test, string constructions, structure, study, styles and methods of enterprise management, substrate, superfinishing, supply system, surface geometrical structure, surface shaping processing, suspension, systems of management, tachymeter, temperature, temperature measurement, testing, theodolite, thermal analysis, thermal properties, thermographic camera, thin layers, thin-layer catalytic converter, trademarks, training, transfer, transfer of technologies, transport, tribological properties, turning, unconventional backpack, unconventional transport solution, universal archive, utilization of artillery missiles, utilization of biomass, vacuum closing machine, vacuum packing, vehicle diagnostics, vibrations, vibrations of liquids, vibroisolation, video conferencing, volumetric melt flow index, washing out explosives, waste, waste fine aggregate, waste gas emissions, wastewater treatment, water and sewage purification, water gas, water jet erosion, water jet technologies, water jet treatment of surfaces, water purification, water vapor, water-abrasive jet, water-abrasive micro-jet, wavelet analysis, wavelet packet transform, wear and durability of abrasive tools, wear and tear of abrasive grain, wear and tear of blade, wear of abrasive grains, wheel alignment, wheel alignment geometry measurements, wheelchair, whirlpool tub, working table, wort, WWW, yield strength


The base has been established within the framework of the project "Creator of Innovativeness - support for innovative academic entrepreneurship".
The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (90%) and Koszalin University of Technology (10%)